»»Business Travel Insurance Comparison

With employees increasingly involved in business travel, it is more important than ever for companies to look for the best travel insurance.

With so many online and offline travel insurance companies around, the best way to find the best value for money travel insurance is to compare travel insurance policies through price comparison websites.

Moneysupermarket.com offers an effective way to do it.
This price comparison site has a travel insurance section where over 450 travel insurance companies are compared within seconds to find you the cheapest deal around.

Whatever way you decide to get your travel insurance be sure to get a comprehensive deal where you and your belongings are full covered should damage happen to either!
With high tech equipment such as laptops and other computerised devices often taken on business trips it is therefore essential to get all luggage covered to a high value so that should any equipment or valuable data be lost you can be compensated to the full amount.

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»»Insurance Advice for Employees Traveling Overseas

Companies with employees who travel overseas need to have robust travel policies and emergency procedures in place to protect their staff if an emergency situation occurs.

Below is a list of things companies can do to help their staff stay safe — as suggested by Marsh, world’s leading insurance broker and risk advisor.

– Distribute a formal travel policy to employees and list countries that require special authority for travel, including reference points for more detailed and up-to-date country risk information.
– Use a centralized booking system for flights and accommodation which enables you to capture requests for travel to problematic areas, and help you to monitor employees during visits. Any such requests should require sign off or refusal at executive level.
– Ensure all travelers know the procedures to undertake in a crisis situation, including medical emergencies.
– Make sure travelers take health precautions prior to travel, for example, any necessary vaccinations or courses of tablets.
– Use a reputable travel agent, airline and hotel. Try to pick a flight that arrives during daylight hours. If practical, arrange for the traveler to be met at the airport.
– Equip the traveler with emergency numbers: travel insurance, embassy, local police, company 24-hour emergency number; and agree a regular contact and monitoring routine with the traveler (by phone and/ or email).

Marsh also recommended the following advice for business travelers overseas:
– On signing in to accommodation, do not disclose your occupation, position or company
– Ask for a room on floors 2 to 10 but not adjacent to any roofs
– Check security of the door and that there is a safe in the room
– Read the safety procedures and check the emergency escape routes
– Identify safe areas you can go to if any emergency occurs
– Plan your route before leaving accommodation
– Avoid unofficial gatherings or demonstrations
– Carry a copy of passport, flight tickets, emergency help numbers and a mobile phone with you at all times
– Be alert – you can often identify a developing situation at an early stage. It is better to react quickly and avoid the danger rather than wait until it develops and have to ‘fight’ your way out.
(sources: insurancejournal.com , marsh.com).

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»»Insurance for Business Travel: “Travelers” Launches International Coverage Extensions

Leading property casualty insurer Travelers announced the launch of its International Coverage Extensions for Commercial Accounts, Travelers mid-sized business customers.
The new coverage extensions provide liability protection for worldwide situations resulting from U.S. exported products or temporary business travel outside the U.S. and Canada, as well as coverage for business personal property located abroad.

The International Coverage Extensions are designed for accounts with incidental global exposures and offer a truly globalized policy by extending protection beyond the domestic coverage territory. For Commercial Accounts customers who need additional protection worldwide beyond incidental exposures, Travelers offers two industry leading, global insurance options with its Global Companionsm and Controlled Master Program policies.

“At Travelers, we understand that each of our Commercial Accounts customers have unique risks that include a wide variety of exposures,” said Michael Klein, President, Travelers Commercial Accounts. “With the addition of the International Coverage Extensions into most of our Travelers domestic Commercial Accounts policies, we can offer our customers truly globalized policies – something that most other commercial carriers cannot provide.”

“As globalization continues to spread, so does the (more…)

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»»Travelers Insurance for International Business Trips

If you’re headed out of the country for business, you might want to bring more than just your passport.
When traveling, you always want to be prepared for the worst. International travel insurance is a wise choice when traveling in an unfamiliar or dangerous area.

Make sure your insurance provider, including your auto insurance provider, tells you about their international travel packages or be sure to check with your company to see what international travel insurance coverage they have (if any).

There are many reasons you should sign up for international business insurance business insurance.
First and foremost, you might want to add trip cancellation and interruption insurance, airline ticket protection, group travel protection, or have a travel medical plan. On top of that, you also want to be prepared in case you might incur illness, accidental injury, medical evacuation, or accidental death. These can be very serious situations that can prove to be costly.

According to a recent business travel survey, worries about on-the-road medical emergencies ranks No. 1 with business travelers. Surprisingly, few of them are protected by any type of travel medical insurance. To ensure you are covered by the right plan, there are a few simple steps that you should follow.
1. Find out what your current travel insurance plan covers.
2. Ask your provider about business travel insurance.
3. See if the right plan is available for you.
4. Get quotes for travel insurance online.

Most insurance companies do not cover expenses incurred outside the U.S. at all. However, some major credit cards offer a range of travel health insurance benefits that may come in handy for on-the-road emergencies. You should review your personal and business travel insurance coverage, and weigh your options. You want to ensure that you have the right coverage.

Here are some useful tips and tactics that you want to be sure you follow and take advantage of.

  • Some major credit card companies offer referral assistance when you need
    emergency medical assistance on the road.
  • If you are injured or become ill on a business trip, costs can reach as high
    as $30,000 to $100,000 depending on your medical condition and geographic
  • If you are taking employees on a business trip, you want to make sure they are
    covered as well. You could be financially responsible.
  • Many hospitals, doctors and clinics do not accept credit cards at foreign
    destinations and require payment for medical services upfront.
  • If you have a pre-existing condition, you may want to review a travel
    insurance policy that will ensure coverage of that condition.
  • Look for an insurance company that will provide 24-hour emergency assistance.
    They can assist you in finding local doctors, hospitals, and medical
    professionals. You never know what could happen, so it is best to be prepared
    for the worst.

If you are traveling on business a majority of the year, you are more likely to incur and accident or run into medical problems than if you travel only once or twice a year. You never know if you may need to bring a family member to your bedside or to send home your unattended children traveling with you. Whatever the situation may be, you want to ensure you are covered and prepared for anything.

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