»»Virgin Atlantic Inaugurated its New Upper Class Suites – Video

Last Saturday the Virgin Atlantic flight from London to New York, operated with new “Miss Sunshine” A330 aircraft, inaugurated the Virgin’s new Upper Class suites.

Among the new features the Virgin’s new seating area includes:
– The suite’s new comfort system, with a bed which is longer than any other airlines business class bed (87-inch).
– Onboard bar separate from the cabin with new spaces to sit and socialize with fellow passengers. It is the longest bar in the air, Virgin Atlantic said in the press release.
– Each seat has its own aisle access.
-The wall of each suite includes a new window to offer more light and space, while keeping the same levels of privacy.
– AeroMobile system installed enabling passengers to make and receive phone calls from their mobile devices.

Below is a video of entrance to Virgin Atlantic’s new Upper Class suites.

A video tour of the Virgin’s new cabin is available at virginatlanticplaneview.com.

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»»BMW’s New Mobile Hotel Booking Technology

BMW drivers will be able to book hotel rooms while driving and then access their rooms by using just their car keys, so bypassing the check-in.
The German car brand has partnered with VingCard Elsafe to offer its customers this new technology.

How it works.

BMW’s vehicle navigation systems allows drivers to search for available hotels nearby and book the selected hotel through a reservations interface with Micros-Fidelio hotel management systems.
After completing the booking process drivers are notified the assigned room number by the vehicle navigation system.
In the meantime, the guest’s BMW key receives an access code for the room lock and communicates it — through Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology — to VingCard Elsafe which enables guests to open the room door bypassing the checkin process.

BMW drivers will also enjoy special hotel discounts in association with this new technology.

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»»FAA Re-thinks About Electronic Devices Use During Takeoff

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said it will re-think about the ban on using electronic devices during takeoffs and landings.
That will include electronic devices such as tablets, e-readers and music players but not mobile phones and smartphones.

Currently the use of such electronic devices is prohibited at altitudes below 10,000 feet.

The agency’s rules actually allow them during take-off and landing but only if an individual airline certified the safety of an electronic device for safe for use below 10,000 feet.
That means an airline would have to test each version of a single device before it can be approved by the FAA.

As this process is expensive and not practical, the airlines have not conducted the testing necessary to approve the use of new devices.
Now the FAA says it’s considering taking the lead on certifying the safety of electronic devices. (source)

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»»Google Flight Search Extended to Mobile Devices

Google Flight Search tool can now be accessed on iPhone and Android devices.

This flight search feature has been extended to mobile devices, Google announced today.

The company said that the mobile platform comes with all the options that are available on the desktop version.

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»»Top 20 U.S. Airports for Wi-Fi and Other Tech Amenities

Dallas/Fort Worth, New York JFK and Atlanta are the best airports in the United States for providing Wi-Fi and other tech amenities, according to a study conducted by PCWorld magazine.

The study, “The 20 Best Airports for Tech Travelers”, identified the most tech-friendly airports, terminals and airlines in the U.S.

In order to carry out the study, PCWorld researchers visited 3300 gates, where they counted more than 17,000 electrical outlets, 5,000 USB ports, and 1,350 charging stations and conducted performance tests of Wi-Fi and cellular broadband service, in the 40 busiest airports in the U.S.
PCWorld found that the top 20 U.S. airports for tech amenities were as follows:

Dallas/Fort Worth
New York Kennedy
Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International
Detroit Metro
Sacramento International
Oakland International
New York LaGuardia
Salt Lake City
Baltimore/Washington Thurgood Marshall International
San Francisco International
Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International
Raleigh/Durham International
Nashville International
Minneapolis/St. Paul International
Chicago Midway
Cleveland Hopkins International
Los Angeles International
Seattle/Tacoma International
Kansas City International
Portland (Ore.) International
(source PCWorld).
Also PCWorld, on the other hand, found that Denver International, Washington Dulles International, and Boston Logan International offer meager amenities per gate, and slow wireless service.

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