»»Airline Passengers Increasingly Looking for More Self-Service Options – SITA Survey

Self-service is becoming increasingly popular with airline passengers, according to a survey released this week. The study, the seventh annual SITA/ATW Passenger Self-Service Survey, reveals that the percentage of passengers carrying a smartphone increased over the past year from 54 to 70.
Also, the survey shows the demand for self-service options from mobile devices is continuously increasing.

Mobile check-in increased by one third over the previous year. 21% of passengers have now used a mobile boarding pass.

90% of respondents said self-boarding and flight status updates were their top self-service technologies.

Two thirds of respondents said they used a self-service channel to check-in, up from the previous year’s 50%. Websites were the most used platform for check-in, with 79% of respondents using them regularly or occasionally.
However, 77% of those said they are also using airport kiosks for check-in.

Among the other key findings: 62% of passengers use social media; just over 50% of passengers are willing to receive retail offers or advertising on their mobile phones.
However this percentage would increase to 61, if they were given a chance to get personalized offers and control their delivery.

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»»Emirates Offers Mobile Phone Service on A380 Flights

Passengers aboard Emirates’ A380 aircraft will now be able to make phone calls while inflight.

OnAir, the Emirates connectivity partner, provided the airline with a system enabling passengers to use their own mobile phones to make and receive phone calls and send text messages inflight, using EDGE/GPRS connections through their mobile service provider.

The OnAir mobile system will be available on all Emirates’ A380.
The first Emirates A380 offering the service departed from Dubai international Airport to Munich International Airport on October 2.

Emirates A380 aircraft is already equipped with OnAir WiFi service.

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»»How Business Travelers Use Mobile Apps in the UK

A survey about the usage of mobile apps when travelling for business revealed that around 39 per cent of business travelers in the UK are not using them at all.
The study, commissioned by travel and expense company Concur, which surveyed 1,000 UK business travelers, also said 11% of business travelers in the UK even don’t have a device to run these apps.

Browsing social networking sites and using maps dominate as most popular internet activities among business travelers in the UK, the study found.
60 per cent of respondents said they are using always, often or occasionally social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, as 90 per cent said they are using maps like Google or Bing.

Other key findings about how UK business travelers are using mobile apps, include the following:

– 83 per cent of business travelers who use mobile apps say it improves the travel experience;

– 76 per cent of business travelers who are making use of apps have never used any apps to help manage their travel expenses quickly and efficiently;

– just 40 per cent of app-using business travelers take advantage of airline apps;

– just 32 per cent of respondents said they use airport information apps.

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»»Singapore Airlines Officially Launches In-flight Internet

Following a trial period on a limited number of aircraft, Singapore Airlines has formally launched In-flight Internet.
The airline, will make the service available across all of its long-haul Airbus A380-800, A340-500 and Boeing 777-300ER aircraft over the next two years.

Wireless internet access is today available on 14 aircraft in the fleet, including all five Airbus A340-500s which are used on the world’s longest non-stop routes, between Singapore and both Newark and Los Angeles.

To celebrate the launch of in-flight connectivity, Singapore Airlines is offering promotional prices: US$25 for 30 megabytes of data and US$10 for 10 megabytes of data. You can take advantage of the promotion until November 30, 2012.
Also, thanks to the promotion, SingTel Mobile subscribers can enjoy discounted roaming rates of up to 20% for incoming and outgoing voice calls and up to 40% for inflight text messaging and GPRS data services.

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»»Delta To Offer Wi-Fi Service on International Flights

Beginning early 2013, Delta Air Lines will offer inflight internet service on international flights.
To make Wi-Fi service available on long-haul international flights, Delta will use satellites providing coverage internationally, developed by service provider Gogo.

The airline already offers WiFi on its entire domestic fleet through the air-to-ground service provided by Gogo.

To provide Wi-Fi global coverage, Delta will be using high-bandwith Ku-band capacity satellites — first carrier in doing that, a technology providing coverage over water.

Delta will make available inflight Wi-Fi service on its long-haul international fleet of more than 150 aircraft, which includes its Boeing 777, 767, 747, Airbus 330 and transoceanic Boeing 757 aircraft in early 2013.

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