»»Southwest Airlines / AirTran Frequent Flyer Fall Promotion

Southwest Airlines is offering double points on every flight booked and completed through November 15, 2012. Registration is required.

To take advantage of this offer you have to book and complete your travel between September 13, 2012 and November 15, 2012.

Southwest’ subsidiary AirTran is offering a similar promotion, that is also including a generous bonus for international flights and Business Class fares, during the same period.

It is offering double points (double A+ Credits) on all domestic AirTran flights between September 13, 2012 and November 14, 2012.
But it is also offering triple A+ Credits on all international AirTran flights, during the same period. That means you’ll receive one bonus credit for every one-way domestic flight and two bonus credits for every one-way international flight, in addition to the standard credits earned through A+ Rewards.
Members who purchase Business Class Fares will receive 1.5 bonus credits for every one-way domestic flight and three bonus credits for every one-way international flight.
AirTran account number must be entered at the time of booking.

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»»Frontier Sets Penalties for Booking on Comparison Airfare Sites

Frontier Airlines will penalize customers who opt to book on travel comparison sites instead to book directly on its website.

If you’ll use comparison airfare sites like Kayak, Orbitz or Travelocity when booking a Frontier flight, you’ll face penalties such like: receiving only half the frequent flyer miles; not getting seat assignments until check-in; paying higher ancillary fees.  
Also, Frontier’s Class and Classic Plus fares, will be available only when booking directly on Frontier’s website.

Frontier is the last of many airlines making decisions for people to book tickets directly from their own website. That costs airlines less money for each seat sold.

Airlines also say, their sites, besides the discounts, offer passengers a better experience, providing up-to-date seat maps, details about in-flight entertainment and more seamless booking.

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»»Singapore Airlines Officially Launches In-flight Internet

Following a trial period on a limited number of aircraft, Singapore Airlines has formally launched In-flight Internet.
The airline, will make the service available across all of its long-haul Airbus A380-800, A340-500 and Boeing 777-300ER aircraft over the next two years.

Wireless internet access is today available on 14 aircraft in the fleet, including all five Airbus A340-500s which are used on the world’s longest non-stop routes, between Singapore and both Newark and Los Angeles.

To celebrate the launch of in-flight connectivity, Singapore Airlines is offering promotional prices: US$25 for 30 megabytes of data and US$10 for 10 megabytes of data. You can take advantage of the promotion until November 30, 2012.
Also, thanks to the promotion, SingTel Mobile subscribers can enjoy discounted roaming rates of up to 20% for incoming and outgoing voice calls and up to 40% for inflight text messaging and GPRS data services.

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»»BA and JAL Start Codesharing on Routes Between London and Tokyo

British Airways and Japan Airlines have started London-Tokyo codeshare flights.
Both airlines, members of the oneworld alliance, will market each other’s services between London and Tokyo.

Also, aligned fares applicable for flights operated by British Airways and Japan Airlines on the routes between Tokyo and London, originating from either city, will be available from both airlines.

That will give passengers more flight options. They will be able to use a combination of BA and JAL in a single round-trip, choosing the itinerary that better suits their needs — i.e. BA one-way and JAL the other, or viceversa.

Reservations for the new codeshare flights will be possible starting from September 5, 2012, for travel from October 1st, 2012.
Aligned fares will also be offered starting from the same date.

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»»Budget and Avis extend AAdvantage Promotion through September 15

Avis and Budget have extended their summer promotion through September 15 — previously it was due to end August 31.

The promotion

– Save up to 35% on rentals at Avis airport locations worldwide when you use your American Airlines Avis Worldwide Discount (AWD) number K817165.
– You earn 3000 American’s AAdvantage bonus miles on a 1-day rental or 5000 miles on a 3-day rental or more — Use coupon number MUAA035 and provide your American AAdvantage account when making the reservation.

– Save up to 35% on Budget rentals when you use your American Airlines Budget Customer Discount (BCD) number U072411.
– You earn 1000 American’s AAdvantage bonus miles on a 1-day rental or 3000 miles on a 3-day rental or more at participating Budget airport locations — Use coupon number MUAZ025 and provide your American AAdvantage account when making the reservation. 

Details are available here.

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