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Professionally managed business travel can bring considerable cost savings, experts state. However, about 59% of businesses don’t consolidate their corporate travel with meetings and events policies, according to a recent study by business travel and event management company ATP Event Experts conducted during the 2013 Business Travel Show in London.

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The same survey has shown that 56% of companies are going to combine these policies. As reported by ATP specialists, businesses think it’s beneficial to consolidate corporate travel and meetings and events policies because it may help lower travel costs and increase business efficiency.

Getting started with a travel manager

Cleverly organised corporate travel management can bring considerable business benefits. Head of UK event operations for ATP Event Experts Neil Pace explains that it can help companies “take advantage of better rates due to the large network of hotel and venue contacts” available to their travel and event management agencies. Additionally, this allows more effective bookings as well as internal staff support.

Improved financial control

Improved financial control is one of the primary reasons for using services of corporate travel managers. As the whole travel and expense process is monitored by gathering data such as credit card spend, e-receipts, travel bookings and other details, businesses are able not only to reduce expenses but also reduce time spent on managing expenses.

Advanced standards of service

Business travellers can benefit from a quick and easy booking process, personal needs attendance, ready trip itineraries that can be shared with colleagues, friends and family as well as easy to submit expenses. Proper management also ensures that “the standard of service is consistent across the board, whether it’s a meeting in Aberdeen or an event in Madrid”, Neil Pace explains.

Things to consider

As stated by ATP, a company having 60 offices around the globe, it’s still worth considering an audit for business meetings and events held both nationally and internationally in order to make sure that nothing is overlooked and the money is spent properly by every department.

In case of an emergency, companies can rely on traveller alerts and tracking systems that help keep in touch with your travellers should any breaking events happen. Tracking systems and mobile apps for travellers are designed to be used on the go and available even on the other side of the world providing assistance 24/7.

There are lots of reasons for using services of reputable travel managers in 2013. Increased expense control and business efficiency are among them.

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