»»Premium Air Traffic Stats for January 2013

Premium Air Traffic Stats for January 2013
International premium air travel slowed in January 2013, decreasing by 4.5% when compared to December 2012, IATA reported.
Seasonal trend — with even Economy class passenger showing a slowdown of 4.2% when compared to December 2012 — is responsible for the January decline in part.

However the growth weakness and the decline for European markets are other causes that weakened the January’s premium air traffic figures.

Among the other key findings released by IATA:
– Premium air traffic in January 2013 was up 3.3% year-over-year;

– Economy class passengers increased 2.9% in January 2013 year-on-year;
– Economy class and premium passengers have been increasing at just 2-3% over the past 6 months;
– Premium travel within Europe was down 0.5% in January 2013 year-over-year while the North Atlantic market remained flat.

Even if the growth weakness is limited just to European markets, A longer-term view shows a moderate growth for air travel demand in the months ahead.
IATA figures also show markets linked to Asia, particularly to Middle East, are a driver of business air travel growth. Premium travel on Africa-Middle East routes was up 10.9% in January 2013, year-over-year, while overall global growth was up just 3.3% over the same period.

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