»»Airline Passengers Increasingly Looking for More Self-Service Options – SITA Survey

Self-service is becoming increasingly popular with airline passengers, according to a survey released this week. The study, the seventh annual SITA/ATW Passenger Self-Service Survey, reveals that the percentage of passengers carrying a smartphone increased over the past year from 54 to 70.
Also, the survey shows the demand for self-service options from mobile devices is continuously increasing.

Mobile check-in increased by one third over the previous year. 21% of passengers have now used a mobile boarding pass.

90% of respondents said self-boarding and flight status updates were their top self-service technologies.

Two thirds of respondents said they used a self-service channel to check-in, up from the previous year’s 50%. Websites were the most used platform for check-in, with 79% of respondents using them regularly or occasionally.
However, 77% of those said they are also using airport kiosks for check-in.

Among the other key findings: 62% of passengers use social media; just over 50% of passengers are willing to receive retail offers or advertising on their mobile phones.
However this percentage would increase to 61, if they were given a chance to get personalized offers and control their delivery.

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