»»Frontier Sets Penalties for Booking on Comparison Airfare Sites

Frontier Airlines will penalize customers who opt to book on travel comparison sites instead to book directly on its website.

If you’ll use comparison airfare sites like Kayak, Orbitz or Travelocity when booking a Frontier flight, you’ll face penalties such like: receiving only half the frequent flyer miles; not getting seat assignments until check-in; paying higher ancillary fees.  
Also, Frontier’s Class and Classic Plus fares, will be available only when booking directly on Frontier’s website.

Frontier is the last of many airlines making decisions for people to book tickets directly from their own website. That costs airlines less money for each seat sold.

Airlines also say, their sites, besides the discounts, offer passengers a better experience, providing up-to-date seat maps, details about in-flight entertainment and more seamless booking.

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