»»Remedies for Business Travel Stress

It’s well known that traveling for business brings with it dangers of a stress overload. ┬áJet lag as well as other stress chemicals caused from a business trip produce cortisol and adrenaline and are responsible for a lack of of serotonin.
The best way to combat this is light exercise and breathing fresh air according to Neil Shah director of The Stress Management Society.

– Breathing technique
It is very important to take slow deep breaths. A breathing technique is at the top of the tips list suggested by The Stress Management Society to relieve stress during journeys.

– Medicament
To cope with a lack of serotonin, experts suggest taking an enzyme called tryptophan. 100mg dose a day (two tablets) helps to produce enough serotonin to regulate sleep patterns, appetite and your mood. If sleeping is your main problem while traveling, melatonin taken in a 2mg dose can be a solution.

– Food
Proper nutrition can relieve stress during journeys. Opt for healthy foods that are easily absorbed by the body. Avoid eating fatty, greasy food, opt for salads and vegetables instead. Eat foods that are high in omega 3 and B6 / B.

– Drink
As the stress of traveling makes the body dehydrate very quickly, staying hydrated is key during a trip. So, don’t drink alcoholic beverages while traveling and avoid caffeine and sugar.

– Dressing
Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Pack light and don’t try to have a different outfit or pair of business shoes for every day.

– Mindset
Take the trip with the right mindset. Look at each trip as something from which you can learn and improve your life. Don’t think just about your work, take advantage of new places you’re visiting to incorporate wider interests into your trip.
(source: CNN)

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