»»Health Advice for Female Business Travelers

Women account for approximately 45% of the business travel market, according to a study by International SOS, a leading medical and security services company operating in 70 countries.
The International SOS’s report identified as priority issues for female business travelers, the following areas: sexual and opportunistic crime threads, managing cultural sensitivities and understanding local health systems and risks.

The company also provides some health advice specific for women traveling abroad.

About contraception issues, consider taking sanitary supplies with you as they may be unavailable in some countries and cultures. Anyway, discuss your contraception with your doctor in advance.

About pregnancy, if you’re planning to travel while pregnant, make an appointment with your doctor before you depart.
Some airlines could require a letter from your doctor confirming your pregnancy. Also make sure, your travel health insurance covers pregnancy-related problems and neonatal care.

Pregnant women should avoid destinations higher than 12,000 feet — the effects of this altitude on an unborn baby are unknown  — as well as malarial zones — pregnant women are particularly vulnerable to malaria, even when taking anti-malarial drugs.

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