»»10 Things To Do When Planning a Business Trip

You are working till late night in office and your boss has planned an international trip for you next morning. What do you do?
Business travel involves a great sense of professionalism but it also needs to be carefully planned so you are able to enjoy a business trip comfortable and productive. Here are few basic travel tips for those travelling on a business tour.

• Even if you are not sure of the next business trip, keep your travel luggage ready! So if you have to leave for an emergency, you can just pick and walk out with your luggage. Keep fresh clothing and essentials ready in the bag, not forgetting your travel document inclusive of Visa, passport etc. That will surely save your time if you have an early morning flight.

• Plan your trip to avoid rush hours and busy airports. If you want to get to your destination on time, either take the first flight out in the morning or late night to arrive a day prior to your business meet or conference.

• Make sure that the hotel you are choosing offers all facilities you need.

• Carry a cell phone to make several international calls especially business related. And to make this simpler, you could register with a calling service which allows you to make free calls.

• Carry your tech-kit inclusive of your own laptop, Ethernet cable, a couple of USB memory sticks, CDs, presentation files, laptop charger, etc. And make sure all this goes into another bag, not mixed with your luggage or travel documents.

• Do a research on the company you are going to visit. They would certainly be making a big effort to welcome and escort you. So, you should be friendly, humble, and professional.

• Learn the names of the people you are suppose to meet so that you address them by name. This will help to build trust with them.

• You have to look decent and professional when you are on a business trip. The way you present yourself will tell them a lot about the sort of person you are and about your company. Make sure that you are wearing proper attire. Be sure to have a smile on your face and a good posture while walking and sitting.

• Don’t assume everyone eats meat and drinks alcohol. Be careful what you order considering hygienic and safety factors. It is important to stay healthy while travelling as you are there for business and not to ruin your health.

• Once you complete all your business meets, you could take the time to visit your business destination, if you feel it is worth to do that.

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