»»Egencia Unveils 2012 Global Corporate Travel Forecast

Egencia, the travel management company owned by Expedia, Inc., unveiled its Corporate Travel Forecast and Hotel Negotiability Index for 2012.
Based on Egencia´s 2012 Global Corporate Travel Forecast, airline average ticket prices (ATPs) and hotel average daily rates (ADRs) for top corporate travel destinations are expected to slightly increase overall in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific next year.

ATPs to top business travel destinations are expected to be:
– Slightly up (4%) for European points-of-sale
– Slightly up (4%) for North American points-of-sale
– Slightly to moderately up (6%) for Asia-Pacific points-of-sale

ADRs in top business travel destinations are expected to be:
– Europe (up 2%)
– North America (up 5%)
– Asia-Pacific (up 7%)

Also Egencia´s 2012 Corporate Travel Forecast shows, through the Advance Purchase Advisory — index that gives an indication of the best booking timeframe and possible savings for advance air ticket purchases — that business travelers should book 22 days or more in advance for the majority of key business destinations to realise maximum savings. It suggests that booking in advance to Frankfurt and Stockholm, for example, can save as much as 47 percent compared to last-minute bookings.

About travel spend, the survey shows a continued rise in overall travel demand, with 43 percent of European travel buyers (versus 23 percent last year) and 42 percent of North American travel buyers (percentage is flat year-over-year) who have slightly or significantly increased travel over the last six months.

About other travel trends, the study shows that mobile devices are becoming increasingly important to today´s travel managers. 80 percent of European respondents said that mobile devices are moderately important to very important to their travel programmes. According to survey respondents, the most important uses for mobile technology during business travel include:
– Online check-in (77%)
– Check flight status (68%)
– Urgent destination/flight alerts (56%)
– Paperless boarding (56%).

The full Egencia’s report is available here.

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