»»Business Travel From U.S. To Increase 5 Percent in 2011 – NTBA Study

According to a study by the National Business Travel Association (NBTA), business travel spending in the U.S. will increase 5 percent in 2011. The predicted 5 percent surge for 2011 follows an estimated 2.3 percent rise in the amount spent in business travel in 2010.

The NBTA Foundation said an improving economy and stronger profits will encourage group trips and face-to-face meetings with customers, prospects and partners.

The study — NBTA’s Business Travel Quarterly Outlook for the U.S., sponsored by Visa Inc. — also reveals International business travel spending increased an estimated 16.9 percent in 2010 to $29.1 billion, compared with a 32 percent decline in 2009.

International travel from the U.S. should remain strong through 2012 driven by a weakening dollar and stronger exports.
International spending is estimated to increase by a moderate 3.2 percent this year to $30 billion. (source)

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