»»Cheapest and Most Expensive Airports in the U.S.

Below a list of the America’s cheapest and most expensive airports according to the government’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS). BTS based this list on a 10 percent sample of airline tickets sold during July, August and September of 2009.

  Highest Average Fares  
1 Huntsville, AL 492
2 Grand Rapids, MI 406
3 Savannah, GA 396
4 Washington Dulles, VA 391
5 Knoxville TN 388
  Average Fare at All Airports 306
   Lowest Average Fares  
1 Atlantic City, NJ 165
2 Orlando, FL 225
3 Ft. Lauderdale, FL 228
4 Dallas Love, TX 229
5 Long Beach, CA 229

(Source: Bureau of Transportation Statistics)

Rick Seaney, FareCompare.com CEO and one of the leading experts on airfare in the U.S., says what the key factors are that contribute to make U.S. airports expenisve: 1. small airport; 2. located long drive to the nearest larger airport; 3. little or no competition, especially low-cost airline competition. (See full story at ABC News)

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